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Sr. IT Security Rep

Nashua, NH
nterprets and applies U.S. Government Director, Central Intelligence Directive (DCID) 6/3 and National Industrial Security Program Operations Manual (NISPOM) Chapter 8 to comply with government requirements. Prepares Information Systems Security Plans for each assigned program. Such plans include description of how data is to be protected, the types of hardware and software the program will use and what systems security procedures will be used. Coordinates information systems security issues with government security representatives. Uses computer forensic tools to investigate security incidents. Contains and removes classified data spillage from unclassified systems. Prepares Security Awareness Briefings and Information Systems Security Guides. Conducts Information Systems Security briefings. Prepares security documentation. Develops Information Systems Security databases. If assigned to communications security (COMSEC) oversees COMSEC programs supporting DoD, SAP and SCI programs. Interprets, implements and enforces government and company COMSEC policies and procedures. Coordinates efforts to ensure operability of all COMSEC systems. Responsible for installation, troubleshooting and documentation of secure phones, STU-IIIs, STEs, NES, other controlled cryptographic items, VTCs, modems and faxes. Provides training to employees in the use and protection of cryptographic keying material and equipment. Is the technical point of contact for new communications network projects, upgrades and installs. Participates in secure communications planning meetings and deployment readiness reviews. Coordinates efforts to complete secure communications projects on schedule. Briefs and debriefs COMSEC personnel and sends and receives secure messages. Participates in both internal and external (customer) COMSEC audits
Typical Related Experience Four or more years related experience. Experience as a system administrator or in network services preferred. If assigned COMSEC duties must have a thorough understanding of the Network Security Manual, the Electronic Key Management Systems and a variety of cryptographic equipment, keying and fill devices. Works with government Security or COMSEC personnel to resolve security issues (In addition to the items listed above, the Essential Functions are: 1. Exercise discretion and independent judgment in the performance of duties set forth in Section II above. 2. Communicate effectively both orally and in writing; 3. Exhibit sound interpersonal skills involving interfacing, coordinating and negotiating with company personnel, customers and suppliers; 4. Utilize computer skills to prepare appropriate reports and documents; 5. Make decisions using sound judgment while complying with policies, procedures, appropriate principles and applicable state and federal laws and regulations; 6. Analyze, evaluate, develop and implement processes and systems within budget and adhere to time requirements and schedule; 7. Design and develop products and services using state-of-the-art technology, principles, theories and concepts.)
• IAM Level II certification commensurate with DoD 8570.1M requirements • High level of personal motivation and initiative to learn and acquire new skills, and adapt seamlessly to an ever-changing security environment • Customer focused, excellent communicator and ability to work with limited supervision. • Strong organizational skills • Able to interface with other IA team members, other security disciplines (industrial security, physical security, special programs security, etc.), program personnel and government security representatives. • Demonstrated ability to create Assessment and Authorization (A&A) documents and procedures that resulted in an ATO
 Run and maintain the entire information assurance program for more complex efforts or area • Working knowledge of system functions, security policies, technical security safeguards, and operational security measures. • Experience with auditing and certifying compliance of various systems (Windows, Linux, Network Devices and peripherals). • Experience with development and delivery of IA-related briefings and training material. • Experience with compliance and vulnerability scanning tools (Nessus, SCAP, ACAS, SCC). • Experience with the review and creation of mitigation reports from compliance and vulnerability scanning tools (Nessus, SCAP, ACAS, SCC). • Translate operational requirements into technical requirements and architectures needed to meet program objectives • Experience with conducting all aspects of a self-inspection

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