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RF Test Engineer

Lowell, MA
RF Test Engineer/Technician
Looking for 2 People, FT, Hourly, for 6 months typical engagement
Could be a FT Transition
10 years minimum
Degree(s) not as important
Motivated, Self-starter
Deep understanding of RF Testing
RF Measurements upto 40+ GHZ (Min)
Can perform both hand measurements and run automated test systems
Comfortable with PNA, VNA, DMM, Power Meter
Experience with NI LabView/TestStand; Use, Develop, Code, debug, Code drivers as well as code tests
Experience with GPIB,LAN,USB Instrument automation
Experience using at least 1: Serial, SPI, I2C protocols.
Experience with Command Line control
Can Follow/Implement Test Plans
Can Write Test Plans and the Code that Implements Test Plan
Able to write (and transition) Engineering to Production Test Automation…Nested loop / State Machine.
Experience using MS and  3rd party .dll’s, COM, Objects in Automation
Can work with MS Office products
Can do data reduction (create graphs, charts, statistical analysis)
Understands Embedded controls from FPGA
Capable of maintaining test stand calibrations and traceability of data.
Bonus Points for the following
Experience creating test fixtures for circuit boards, housed electronic assemblies/modules.
Experience with Environmental Testing Equipment/Procedures: Mainly Temp/Humidity Chambers.
Experience with motorized controls
Experience/understanding of MS Visual Basic, C++, C#.
Experience with Matlab
Experience with ADS or HFSS

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