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Software Engineer

Manchester, NH

$39.00 p/Hr.
•    Brief description of what needs to be done:
•    The current VUTEk 32h is a GS 3250 printer
•    GS printer was developed using Ubuntu Linux 10.04 OS (this OS was released in April 2010)
•     is running out of EOL motherboards and the old OS will not work with newer chipsets
•    The old OS is no longer being updated by Ubuntu
•    Need to move forward with a more modern operating system
•    A previous employee did a great deal of work to get to 16.04 OS, (April 2016), into the installer and get updated 3rd party applications to make changes based on updated libraries
•    The older software uses a very old version of JAVA for the UI and other tools

Basic Skills Required:
•    Linux (specifically Ubuntu)
•    JAVA
•    Linux Drivers
•    Knowledge of motherboards / computer systems
•    Experience with SMT soldering of boards
Associate degree or higher in Software Engineering field, and or at least 5 years’
experience in related work.

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